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Botany Department at Netaji Mahavidyalaya


Brief history


The department of Botany started functioning in the year 1948 with I.Sc. Course in Biology. The B.Sc. bio-science (general) course was started in 1971 and Botany (Honours) in 1994. A good number of students of this department have been graduated from this college and well established in the society. At present the department has three full time teachers, two part time teachers and two technical staff. The results of this department are satisfactory having first class degree in almost every year. After completion of B.Sc. Honors Degree, they get the chances for admission in M.Sc. or higher studies in different State and Central Universities of our country. Some students are doing research works for M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree.


Students' Profile


Clockwise student strength:Session 2011-2012




Success rate of the students


Results of the students of this Department are satisfactory. They are getting first class degree in B.Sc.(Hons.) in every year.


Academic Activities


Apart from regular theory and practical classes, the students of this department have opportunity to explore their innovative academic thinking through participation in Seminar, Group Discussion and Quiz contest organized by the department. Moreover, the department organizes Field work at different places for studying the flora and fauna in nature. All the students participate in long Educational Excursions held at different parts of India, where they get chances to study the vegetation and important taxonomic characteristics of plants growing in nature. They achieve academic expertise and good experience which may help them for placement in future.These are the following activities of the department:


  1. Use of Audio-visual teaching aids like over head projector (OHP), computer, laptop etc.
  2. Regular class test and annual examination.
  3. Besides regular routine classes, departmental teachers conduct special classes and remedial classes for academic improvement of the students.
  4. Quiz session for the students.
  5. Group Discussion among the students.
  6. Seminars by the students' speakers.
  7. Publication of Wall Magazine'RHYNIA'.
  8. Seminars by Guest speakers.
  9. Students participation in National Seminar organised by the college.
  10. Fields work in nature.
  11. Annual excursion for studying flora and fauna in the wild.
  12. Personal counselling of the students by the teachers.


Research Activities


  • Dr. J.K. Pal investigated U.G.C. Sponsored Minor Research Project entitled, “Melissopalynological investigation in Arambagh Subdivision of Hooghly District, W.B.” in the year 2001-2003. Very recently one major research project on 'Monitoring of Pollen Incidence the Atmosphere of Hooghly district, West Bengal, with reference to allergic disorders under the guidance of Dr. J.K. Pal was approved by the UGC.
  • Professor P. Biswas is working in a U.G.C. sponsored Minor Research Project on wild edible plants of Arambagh Subdivision.
  • Professor T. Mondal is engaged in Research work in the field of Plant Pathology & Medical Botany at Burdwan University. All of them published a number of research papers in scientific research journals.
  • Prof. Miss Sayani Biswas is engaged in research work in the field of Cell Biology and Genetics at Burdwan University.

Unique Features


  1. Results of the students are satisfactory.
  2. Regular theory and practical classes.
  3. Cordial relation among the students, teachers and non-teaching staff.


Extra-curricular activities


  1. Teachers' Day celebration by the students.
  2. Participation of students in Annual Sports.
  3. Preparation of charts, models etc requiered for classes.
  4. Participation of the students in NSS Programme.

Educational Excursion


Theoretical classes within the class-room only cannot fulfill the knowledge without observation of plants and animals in nature. Natural phenomenon of plants and animals in the field creates innovativeness in the mind of the students and thus help them to understand the subject. For this reason the excuesion is prescribed in the syllabus. So, the participation of every student in the Educational Excursion is compulsory.


Wall Magazine


The students of the department publishes a wall magazine regularly, named “RHYNIA”. The students have the chances to develop their writing aptitude through publication of their articles in this wall magazine.




The department has also established HERBARIUM. The students compare their collected plant specimens with the preserved Herbarium specimens and thus identify their collected plant specimens for submission in the practical examination.


Seminar Library


In the departmental seminar library, there are large number of current edition books of Botany/Biology/Plant Sciences. There are reading facilities in the seminar library.


Medicinal Plants Garden


There is a MEDICINAL PLANTS GARDEN attached to the department of Botany. In the garden there are large number of medicinal plants. The students have the opportunity to study various characteristics of plants in this garden.


Future Plan


  1. To upgrade the laboratory with modern equipments.
  2. To upgrade medicinal plant garden.
  3. Up-gradation of the department of the Post Graduate Level.
  4. To enhance the number of books and jounals in the departmental Library.




Faculty Profile


Name Dr. Jiban Kumar Pal
Designation Associate Professor
Date of Birth 8th January, 1962
Date of Joining 6th May 1997
Qualification MSc, BEd, PhD
Specialization:   Cytogenetics & Palynology
Research & Publications:
2 Books and 12 Research Papers have been published by Dr. Pal
Special Achievements:
Dr. J. K. Pal is awardee of Silver Medal and was placed in 1st. class 2nd position in M. Sc. from North Bengal University in the year 1985. He has completed his Ph. D. works under the joint supervision of Prof. G. N. Bhattacharya and Prof. Sudhendu Mandal, Dept. of Botany, Visva Bharati University. Besides his teaching assignments, he has completed successfully a UGC sponsored Minor Research Project in the field of Melissopalynology.

At present in the year 2012, UGC has sanctioned a major Research Project entitled "Monitoring of pollen incidence in the atmosphere of Hooghly District, West Bengal with reference to allergic disorders" [F.NO. 41 - 444/ 2012 (SR)]. One Full Time Project fellow and One Research Scholar are doing their Research Works for PhD Degree under his supervision.

Name Sri Pradyut Biswas
Designation Assistant Professor
Date of Birth 14th January, 1979
Date of Joining 27th April 2005
Qualification MSc
Specialization:   Microbiology
Research & Publications:
5 Research Papers have been published by Prof. Biswas
Special Achievements:
UGC has sanctioned a Minor Research Project in the field of Study of Wild Edible Plants of Arambagh Subdivision, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal

Name Sri Tamal Mondal
Designation Assistant Professor
Date of Birth 18th May 1978
Date of Joining 28th August 2008
Qualification MSc, BEd
Specialization:   Medical Botany & Pharmacognosy
Research & Publications:
5 Research Papers have been published by Prof. Mondal
Special Achievements:

Name Subir Kumar Samanta
Designation Part Time Lecturer
Date of Birth 20th February 1982
Date of Joining 17th August 2010
Qualification MSc
Specialization:   Environmental Botany
Research & Publications:
Special Achievements:

Name Sayani Biswas
Designation Guest Lecturer
Date of Birth 7th September, 1988
Date of Joining
Qualification MSc
Specialization:   Taxonomy
Research & Publications:
1 Research Paper has been published by Prof. Biswas
Special Achievements:
Pursuing Research Works for PhD Degree under the joint supervision of Prof. Ambarish Mukherjee, Dept of Botany, BU and Dr. JK Pal, Dept of Botany, Netaji Mahavidyalaya

Name Smt. Pritha Bhattacharya (Sasmal)
Designation Guest Lecturer
Date of Birth 23rd September, 1988
Date of Joining
Qualification MSc
Specialization:   Cell Biology & Genetics
Research & Publications:
1 Research Paper has been published by Prof. Bhattacharya
Special Achievements:
Pursuing Research Works for PhD Degree.
First Class First Position in MSc from Presidency College, CU




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